Our Story

At Safari Base Africa, we let our clients experience the most amazing adventure. Our client’s enjoyments are our top priority and we strive to deliver the best experience every day of the week.

Safari Base Africa is privileged to be a service provider in gorilla trekking that churns out visitors by the millions.We could take you hiking in the mountains but that would be tiring, you could be at National Parks and Communities because we have the equipment you’re looking for. We could expound theories as to how great and impeccably we run operations we have here. Instead we will leave that for you to judge.We are represented on SafariBookings.com

  • Safari & Tour Pricing Information

  • Friendly and Professional Team

  • Offering Unbeatable Experiences & Prices

  • First-Hand Safari & Lodge Knowledge

Our Values


We are a trusted tourism operator in Uganda, East Africa. Excellence is key in all our operations.


We’re a team of passionate tour professionals. Simplicity, creativity, perfection and commitment is what makes us unique

People Centric

We allow everyone to unleash their full potential. We challenge each other and develop expertise that allow our clients have the best experience.


Our desire to start Safari Base Africa Ltd was driven by our passion for tourism around Africa.
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